Landscaping Services for All Seasons

Landscaping Services for All Seasons

At M&I Landscaping & Irrigation, we believe that a beautifully landscaped home is the foundation of a good home. Our full range of seasonal landscaping services ensures that your outdoor living space is well-maintained and inviting throughout the year. From lawn care to hardscape installation, our team of experts is committed to delivering exceptional results for your property.

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Spring Cleanup and Preparation

As winter fades and temperatures begin to rise, our spring cleanup services ensure your lawn and garden are ready for the new season. We remove debris, leaves, and branches and prune and trim plants to encourage healthy growth. Our team also prepares your soil, providing essential nutrients to promote vibrant, lush landscapes throughout the warmer months.

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Summer Lawn Care and Irrigation

During hot summer, lawn care and irrigation are essential for maintaining a healthy, green landscape. Our professionally installed irrigation systems offer automatic watering, saving you time and ensuring the perfect amount of water for your lawn. Our technology also prevents overwatering, conserving water, and protecting your landscaping investment.

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Fall Maintenance and Planting

As the cooler autumn months approach, our fall maintenance services focus on preserving the health of your landscape. We provide leaf removal, aeration, and fertilization to prepare your lawn for the winter months. Additionally, our team can help you select and plant seasonal flowers and plants, adding a touch of color and beauty to your outdoor space.


Winter Protection and Hardscape Installation

During the colder winter months, our services shift to protecting your landscape from harsh weather conditions. We offer winterization of irrigation systems and mulching to shield your plants from the cold. This is also an ideal time for hardscape installation, transforming your outdoor living area with patios, walkways, and other decorative elements.

Experience the difference M&I Landscaping & Irrigation can make in your outdoor space with our comprehensive, all-season landscaping services. Contact us today to discuss your landscaping needs and let our expert team create a beautiful and functional landscape that you can enjoy year-round.

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