Frequently Asked Questions

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At M and I Landscaping and Irrigation, we're here to answer the questions that consumers often have regarding landscapes and irrigation. Check out this list of some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don't see the answer to your question on this list, feel free to reach out to us with your inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you!

Do you have a set timeline for the completion of a project?

We like to consult with our clients to go over the scope of their projects and how long it will take us to complete them. We believe in being as transparent as possible, so we will offer an estimated date of completion based on different factors, including the size of the project and the work it entails.

What is your experience handling irrigation installation and other services, such as sprinkler maintenance and landscape lighting?

At M and I Landscaping and Irrigation, we have decades of experience under our belts and genuinely look forward to providing these and other services you may need to keep your property's exterior in excellent condition. We’re perfectionists who follow a step-by-step approach to achieve outstanding results that we’re confident will leave you feeling impressed with our work.

How will I know if I need repairs or replacements for my sprinkler/irrigation systems?

If you know you need work done but aren't quite sure if you need parts replaced or repaired, reach out to us, and we will visit your property to perform a detailed inspection. We will let you know what work should be done to your systems, if any, and whether you need any repairs or replacement parts to keep your systems running smoothly.

Is sprinkler maintenance necessary? If so, why?

Sprinkler maintenance is a necessity for several reasons. It's key to preventing your equipment from becoming damaged. If not for routine maintenance, damage to different components of your sprinkler system could occur due to the elements, which could cause your sprinklers to stop working efficiently. If you don't want that to happen, always schedule routine maintenance to keep your system in fantastic condition.

Is your company licensed and insured?

Absolutely. M and I Landscaping and Irrigation is licensed, insured, and bonded, so you never have to worry about a thing when hiring us for your landscaping and irrigation needs.

Do you provide updates throughout the project?

We believe in the importance of communication and always keep our clients updated on our progress. We want you to know what we're doing and when we're doing it so that you're well-informed of every step we're taking when providing different services, such as irrigation installation, sprinkler maintenance, landscaping design, and more.

Can I still use your services if I'm on a budget?

Of course! If you're working with a fixed budget, let us know, and we will review some of the best options for your budget. We provide cost-effective services that are fast and efficient yet won't break the bank.

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