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About Our Landscape Design Services

At M and I Landscaping and Irrigation, we provide convenient services that give you better control over your landscape, ensuring every inch of your property looks good at all times.


Irrigation plays a vital role in keeping your landscape healthy. With our irrigation installation service, you can make sure that you always have a steady, consistent water source for the lawn, trees, and plants on your property. The ideal irrigation system delivers water to the roots of the plants, providing the nourishment needed to grow and thrive. Not only can your system provide your plants with the necessary amount of water required to stay healthy, but it can also prevent water waste while you conserve water and save money in the long run.

Enjoy the convenience of a sprinkler system and the many other benefits that come with it, such as a healthier, vibrant lawn and thriving plants that will continue to look amazing, even during drought periods. If your goal is to have a lush green lawn with colorful plants growing in different spaces, irrigation installation is a must. Our professionals will go over your irrigation and drainage system options, discussing the specific products used to get you set up and ready to have a healthy, beautiful lawn full of beautiful plants.


While the lawn is one thing people will notice when approaching your property, it's not the only thing to focus on improving. Use our hardscape services to develop permanent hard fixtures accentuating your lawn and plants even further. Our hardscape services include but are not limited to patios, sidewalks and driveways, where we can add unique elements that match your aesthetic and add more value to your property. These neatly designed features can define your outdoor living space, offer a greater sense of privacy, and enhance the landscape's overall appearance.

As your hardscape experts, we will discuss different concepts to get a feel for what you want the finished results to look like. Once we've collaborated on fresh ideas, we can go over the materials needed and start the job, adding landscape lighting and other high-quality permanent fixtures that give your property such an elegant and sophisticated touch.

Lawn Service

A healthy lawn is more than just having beautiful green grass to look at each day. When your lawn is in relatively good condition, it keeps your plants healthy, reduces your risk of dealing with flooding, and can even keep you feeling cooler on those hot, humid summer days when the temperature continues to rise.

Allow us to provide the professional lawn services you need to keep your outdoor space in tip-top shape. As your lawn care providers, we handle a wide variety of services, such as mowing the lawn, watering plants, fertilizing, removing those pesky, unwanted weeds, and even pruning your trees and shrubs. We have the experience and tools needed to complete these tasks in little to no time and will show up regularly to complete maintenance tasks that will keep your lawn from becoming overgrown, covered in weeds, and full of pests.


Investing in superior landscape lighting will leave you with a beautifully illuminated space that shines bright, even when the sun sets and it becomes dark outside. Use our services when you need a professional to carefully select and install long-lasting light fixtures throughout your outdoor living space. In addition to landscape lighting installation, we can regularly maintain these fixtures across different spaces, such as your patio, walkway, and driveway, ensuring each area is always well-lit to your liking.

The proper lighting can transform the look and feel of your outdoor space at night. If you want to add something functional and beautiful that can improve your safety by making it easier to see everything around you, we're here to help.


A drainage system installed on your property can improve your landscaping and garden design. These systems have an essential role in managing the excess water produced by your irrigation or sprinkler system. Because of their significance in preventing soil erosion, protecting various structures, and keeping excess water from flooding your neatly landscaped area, it's important to have a drainage system installed by a professional.

When you hire us for help with drainage, we will review the different types of drainage systems available, ensuring you're fully aware of what they can do for you, how they work, and what materials we would need to use to complete the installation. We're here to help you make the best selection and get a drainage system that protects your property in many ways.

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